Strata Title
The Registrar may in his discretion issue Extracts of Strata Title. Normally, he will not issue to persons except in the following cases :
(a) upon application of the registered proprietor or other interested person who requires such extracts as evidence in Court;
(b) upon application of Advocates and Solicitors who require such extracts as evidence in Court;
(c) upon request of a Court;
(d) upon application of licensed auditors who require such evidence for audit purposes under any written law;
(e) for departmental purposes; and
(f) for any other purpose in respect of which an extract is considered necessary.

Governed by The Strata Titles Ordinance 1995. It provides for the subdivision of a building into separate parcels with a share of the common property including the land. The title issued to any of the individual parcels within a building which has been subdivided is called the "Subsidiary Title". Upon the opening of a book of the Subsidiary register in respect of a sub-divided building, there shall come into existence a Management Corporation consisting of all the subsidiary proprietors including the proprietor of a provisional subsidiary title in the case of phased development of a building [Sect. 23(1)].


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